Admission Timeline

Important Notes
1. On-line Application

September 11 (Monday), 2017 -
November 3 (Friday), 2017 5:00PM

Admission is for the Spring 2018 (Starting March 2, 2018).
You must pay the application fee to apply successfully.
An application fee of ₩120,000 KRW (non refundable).
Go to the SU website (
  Click on the Fall Admission for
  International Students banner and proceed as instructed
  to apply.
You must complete the online application before
  you submit the documents.

2. Submission of
(by post or in person)

September 11 (Monday), 2017 -
November 10 (Friday), 2017 5:00PM

Once you have completed the online application,
  submit the required documents to the SU CISS
  (The center for International Students & Scholars)
  - (Address : #209 SU CISS Student Center BLDG,
  209 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Sejong University,
  Seoul, Korea.(05006) or in person by the indicated
It is strongly recommended that you submit
  the documents as early as you can because the Office
  is expected to be extremely busy close to the deadline.
3. Screening
by Department

December 11 (Monday), 2017 -
December 13 (Wednesday), 2017

MBA office will contact you individually for the
  screening/interview details if needed.
4. Announcement of
Admission Decision
January 12 (Friday),
2018 5:00PM
The admissions decisions will be posted
  on the SU website (
  Click on Announcement for Admission
  Decision for Spring 2018 banner to find out.
5. Tuition Payment

January 15 (Monday), 2018 -
January 19 (Friday), 2018

To accept the admission offer, you must pay
  the entire amounts of both the admission fee and
  the tuition within the Fall term registration period.
  Failure to do so will be considered a rejection of the
  offer and the offer of admission will be revoked
  without notice.
※ The admission timeline is subject to change. If a change is made, it will be announced at the website
※ If any of the required documents is missing, your application will not be accepted.
※ Any issues that arise as a result of an international applicant who resides outside Korea applying for visa
    will be solely the responsibility of the applicant.

Details about applicants' Qualif ications  


    A person who has received a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year university based either in or outside of Korea,
    or is expected to receive a bachelor’s degree before March 2, 2018
International applicants must meet ALL of the following requirements:
    A. A non-Korean national whose parents are BOTH non-Korean nationals.
        ※ Anyone who has acquired foreign citizenship by changing his/her nationality is not eligible.
        ※ A Korean citizen who is a dual national is not considered a non-Korean national.

A person who meets at least one of the following language proficiency requirements:

English Program

        ※ Persons from countries where English is the official language are exempt from these language proficiency requirements.
        ※ List of countries where English is the offical language attached. (Attachment 1)

No. Required Documents Master's Notes
Application Form
※ Print out after completing the online applicaiton
Eligibility Document
A. An official copy of the language test score.
    ※ The score must be from a test taken
        later than September 11, 2015.
B. If you are from countries where English is
    the official language, you are exempted
    from these language proficiency requirements.
    However, if you have one, submit it.
    It will be considered during screening.
Three (3)
Passport-sized Photos
※ Within the last 3 months
Certificate of a Bachelor's Degree
※ If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate
    program, you should submit an official document
    that indicates your expected date of graduation.
    Also, you should submit a bachelor’s degree
    and the original copy of the transcript that the
    records for last semester are included by no
    later than February 28, 2018.
※ Documents must be verified by the Korean Embassy to his/her country or Embassy of his/her country to Korea or Apostilled. (See Appendix 1. )
Original Copy of the Transcript for
the Entire Period Attended
※ Documents must be verified by the Korean Embassy to his/her country or Embassy of his/her country to Korea or Apostilled. (See Appendix 1. )
※ Transcripts and certificates from Chinese
    universities MUST be accompanied by
    verification from the China Academic
    Degree & Graduate Education Development Center.     For details, please refer to:
Study Plan
Form 2
A Copy of the Applicant's Passport
A Copy of the Applicant's
Alien Registration Card
if applicable
※ Applicable to international applicants residing
    in Korea at the time of application
A copy of 居民身分證
if applicable
※ Chinese applicants only
Each Copy of the
Applicant's Parents' Passports
※ Any official document documents that show
    the parents' nationality are accepted.
A Notarized Household Register
if applicable
※ Chinese applicants only
An Official Document that shows
the Parent-Child Relationship
between the Applicant
and his/her Parents
The Applicant's or the Sponsor's
Verification of Deposit (VOD) of
a Minimum of USD 20,000 Maintained
for at least 1 Month;
OR a Certificate of Remittance or Money Exchange of USD20,000
※ Additional supporting documents
   (ex: bank statements, employment certificate,
   business registration, property tax payment
   certificate, etc.) may be required by the authorities
   for visa issuance.
The Agreement for Verification of
Academic Record
Form 3
Scholarship Application Document
if applicable
A. An official copy of the language test score.
    ※ The score must be from a test taken later than
        Febuary 28, 2016.
B. If you are from countries where English is the
    official language, you don’t have to submit an
    official copy of the language test score.
    You would be awarded 50% Scholarship.

 ※ Any document that is not in Korean or English must be translated into Korean or English
    and notarized before submission.
 ※ If any of the required documents is missing, your application will not be accepted and
    your application fee is non refundable.

Submission of
  • After completing your online application, print out the application form and Checklist and
    send your application packet to the following address via registered mail or submit it in person
  • Your application packet must arrive at the SU CISS(The center for International
    Students & Scholars)by 5:00PM, November 10 (Wednesday), 2017(Korea local time).
  • [Contact Information]
    SU CISS(The center for International Students & Scholars) by post or in person by indicated deadline.
    Address : #209 SU CISS Student Center BLDG, 209 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu,
    Sejong University, Seoul, Korea.(05006)

    Email :
  • The admissions staff reserves the right to require additional documents from the applicant,
    should there arise a need to verify the authenticity of submitted materials.
  • All documents must be original except where specified otherwise. Where the original is not available
    and a copy is being submitted, it must be certified by the originating institution before it is submitted.
  • Any document that is not in Korean or English must be accompanied by notarizing Korean or English translation.
    Please submit the original document as well.


석사과정, 박사과정, 석·박사통합과정

Application Fee                                                                                                              

Application fee


  • 계좌이체
  • 신용카드

진학캐쉬(충전식 결제) Non-bankbook payment

  • 통장입금 결제 방법은 지정된 은행, 계좌번호에 전형료를 입금합니다.
    The way of deposit payment is deposit the application fee into the appointed account number of appointed bank.
  • 입금 시 부과되는 수수료는 수험생 본인 부담이며, 입금된 금액과 전형료가 다를 경우 접수 처리가 되지 않습니다.
    Service fee on the time of deposit should be covered by examinee. The application will not be processed if the deposit amount and application fee are different.
  • 결제 후 수험표와 수험(접수)번호를 꼭 확인하시기 바랍니다.
    After the payment, please check your admission ticket for the examination and your seat number.


국제교류센터(학생회관 209호)
☎ (02) 3408-3973

Contact Information

Contact Info.
Application System
Contact Info.
☎ 82-2-3408-3973

유의사항 필독(Notice)

인터넷 원서접수 유의사항(Attention)

  • 인터넷 접수는 반드시 전형료 결제가 이루어진 후에야 접수완료가 됩니다.
  • Only after the application fee is paid is the Internet application completed.
  • 인터넷으로 지원한 내용의 입력 착오, 누락의 책임은 지원자에게 있으며 대학에서는 책임을 지지 않습니다.
  • Applicants alone are responsible for any missing or incorrect information. The university is not accountable for any applicants' mistakes
    in applying online.
  • 인터넷 접수 결제 후 수정, 취소 및 환불은 절대 불가능합니다.
  • It is absolutely impossible to change, cancel or receive a refund for the payment for the online application after you have made it.

지원자 개인정보자료의 수집 및 이용목적

  • 수집된 개인정보자료는 입학전형 이외에 그 어떤 목적에도 절대 사용되지 않습니다.
  • Personal information collected about applicants will never be used for anything other than applying to the college online
  • 입학전형 목적으로 집적된 개인정보자료는 일정기간이 지나면 모두 삭제됩니다.
  • All information about applicants from the online application form will be deleted after a certain period of time.
  • 모집요강 및 하단의 유의사항을 확인하지 않아 발생하는 불이익은 본인의 책임입니다.
  • An applicant is solely responsible for any disadvantage caused by the applicant's lack of attention to the outline of the entrance requirements.


  • 고객센터 1544-7715
  • 무엇이든 물어보세요, 고객센터/FAQ
  • Windows10 원서접수 방법
  • 진학캐쉬(충전식 결제)