Admission Timetable

Steps 2018 Spring Semester 2018 Fall Semester Notes
Round 1
Round 2
Round 1
Round 2
<Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year>
Beginning from Monday, 18th September 2017
  ( or
Start your application by Signing
  up for an account on the web site
  of “jinhakapply”
Complete on-line application form
Pay the application fee (Mandatory)
Application & Document
18th Sep. ~
10th Oct. 2017
11th Oct. ~
17th Nov. 2017
12th Mar. ~
3rd Apr. 2018
4th Apr. ~
25th May. 2018
After completing the online
   application, submit all required
   documents including application
   forms 1 and 2 to the following
   postal address:
Office of International Affairs
  G&R HUB Room#217
  Chonnam National University
  77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu,
  Gwangju 61186, South Korea

 * All documents must be
submitted in person or by post
to the Office of International
by the
26th Oct. ~
27th Oct. 2017
1st Dec. ~
4th Dec. 2017
16th Apr. ~
17th Apr. 2018
11th Jun. ~
12th Jun. 2018
If an interview is necessary,
  applicants will be notified of
  the time and location by the
  relevant department

* Please remember that
  Not every department
  requires an interview
Announcement of Acceptance
16:00, Tuesday
14th Nov. 2017
16:00, Friday
15th Dec. 2017
16:00, Thursday
3rd May, 2018
16:00, Thursday
5th July, 2018
The final result will be posted on the
  official web site of the Office of
  International Affairs, CNU
Separate notice will be given
of Semester
Friday, 2nd March, 2018
Monday, 3rd September, 2018
※ This schedule is subject to change, and updated information will be posted on the Office of International Affairs website.
※ Please contact at for additional inquiries

Details about Applicants' Qualifications  

Master's degree or Integrated Master's & Doctoral Degree
Program Educational Qualification Nationality
Master's degree or
Integrated Master's &
Doctoral Degree
- Those who have or are expected to receive a
   Bachelor's degree or its equivalent as stipulated
   by regulations.
- The nationality of the
   applicant and the applicant’s
   parents must be non-Korean
- Overseas Korean nationals are
   eligible if they have
   completed elementary,
   secondary and post-secondary
   education overseas, that is
   equivalent to that
   of Korean education.
Doctoral Degree
- Those who have or are expected to receive a
   Master's degree or its equivalent as stipulated
   by regulations.
- If applicants have a Master's degree with a different
   field of major from the major for which they are
   applying, they should receive a recommendation letter
   from the head professor of the department
   they are applying to.
※ Applicants with no nationality or dual Korean citizenship are not eligible.
※ Certificate(Test score) of certain language proficiency test is not a mandatory part of the application process, but applicants for
      some departments are required to have a certain level of language skills as specified below. Please refer to the Section 4
      “Departments/Majors” to check language requirements of each department.

A. Admission decisions are based on document screening; including the candidate’s academic achievements,
       personal accomplishments, and language proficiency. Depending on the policy of the department/major,
       a written examination, interview, or practical/performance test may be required.
B. Important assessing factors for document screening - academic performance such as Grade Point Average (GPA),
       level of completed courses, study plan, personal statement, etc. will be taken into consideration.
C. Procedure of Admissions
   1) Regardless of the degree/program received or completed by the applicant, acceptance selection will be made according to
       the order of applicants possessing the highest total score.
   2) If an applicant fails to meet the admission criteria, the application will no longer be further considered.

Classification Percentage Points in total Notes
Language Proficiency
- Applicants will be evaluated by each department:
   3 members of the selection committee will evaluate

- Applicants with less than 30 points for each category
  will not be accepted
Academic Performance
▣ Required Documents(△ only for applicable applicants)
 * After completing the ‘Application Checklist(Form 7)’, use it as the cover of your application materials.
    Please submit all the required documents in the following order.

M.S Ph.D Integrated
Application Checklist
Form 7
Application form 1, 2
Form 1, 2
 * Print out the forms after completing
    the online application and send them
    with other required documents

    to CNU OIA.
Graduation Certificate from
Undergraduate Institution
Original or notarized copy
1) Certificates in other languages than English
   and Korean requires notarized certificate
   in English or Korean
2) If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate
  or graduate program, you MUST submit an
  official document that indicates your expected
  date of graduation and type of degree
  you will be awarded.

3) Applicants who graduated from Chinese university must submit   1. Graduation Certificate, 2. Degree Certificate, 3. Degree Certificate
  (in English) issued by China Academic Degree & Graduate
  Education Development Center(
  *If you submit documents verified by the Korean Embassy or Apostille
  Verified, you are not required to submit the degree certificate from
  its site (
Graduation Certificate from
Graduate Institution
Official Transcripts from
Undergraduate Institution
- Master's or Integrated program applicants must
  submit original or notarized copy of transcripts of
  all coursework in  Bachelor's program
- For Ph.D. program applicants, original or notarized
  copy of transcripts of all coursework in Bachelor's
  and Master's program
Official Transcripts from
Graduate Institution
Language Proficiency
(Korean or English)
Please submit it if applicable(Please see as below),
- If the major you are applying for requires a certain language certificate,
  kindly keep in mind that
* Test scores are only valid for two years
   after the test date.
Therefore, we do not accept any certificates
   that have expired.

* Even though the department does not need
   any language requirements, please submit it
   if you have, for application review of the
Permission to Release Educational Records
Form 3  * Signature, Exact e-mail address and
 contact number are needed
Personal Statement
(Study plan)
Form 4
Recommendation Letter for
Ph.D. Program Applicant
Form 5  *Only for applicable applicants
Letter of Financial Guarantee
Form 6
Consent Form for personal
information collection and use
Form 8
A Copy of Passport
Copy must be of a valid passport
A Copy of Alien Registration Card
Applicable only for those who are currently residing
in Korea
Proof of Eligibility
(All documents need to be
translated either in
Korean / English )
1) For applicants whose parents are both foreigners
- Official documents indicating parents' nationality
   and relationship between the applicants and
   his/her parents.
  (Please refer to “examples of Family Relations
   Certificate” as below)
2) For overseas Korean nationals who have
   completed education equivalent to elementary,
   secondary, and post-secondary education
   in Korea
- official transcripts and graduation certificates from
   the institutions listed above.
★ For Chinese applicants, plase refer to the table
   “additional documents for Chinese Applicants only”

▣ Examples of Family Relations Certificate
Philippines: Family Census, Indonesia: KARTU KELUARGA, Bangladesh: Family Certificate, Vietnam: So Ho Khau, or
Giay khai sinh, Mongolia: Certificate of Family Relations, Pakistan: Family Certificate, Sri Lanka: Family Relation
Certificate, Myanmar: Family Relations Certificate, Nepal: Family Relation Certificate, Kyrgyzstan ·
Kazakhstan · Uzbekistan · Ukraine · Thailand :
Birth Certificate

▣ Additional Document(For Chinese Applicants only)
M.S Ph.D Integrated
A copy of the applicant’s
and both parent’s
Chinese ID card
Every Chinese applicant MUST submit
※Translation is not needed
Census registration
1) Every Chinese applicant MUST submit
    with notarization.
2) In case of parents’ death(divorce),
   a death(divorce) certificate submission
   is compulsory.
Family relations certificate
Applicant who separated from one’s family in
census registration should submit relevant notarization.

※ Additional Documents required for College of Arts Applicants Only
   - Traditional Korean Music & Music (Voice, Orchestral music, and Piano) major:
      CD of the applicant‘s musical performance up to 15 minutes long
   - Music (Composition) major:
      1) CD of the applicant’s piano performance
      2) At least 3 pieces of music scores including the above piano performance
   - Fine Arts major:
      Portfolio CD of the applicant’s artwork
※ Additional Documents for Department of Education, Landscape Architecture, Wood Science and
    Landscape Architecture Applicants

   - Letter of recommendation (confirmation) required from the Department Chair(submit Form 5.2)
※ Students who apply for Department of Education
   - Must achieve TOPIK level 4 within 1 year after admission
※ Requirement for ① Department of Biomedical Science-Major of Medical Science and ② Medical Science
   - Korean citizens must hold a medical license, Foreigners must hold a Medical Science diploma
※ All documents should be written in either English or Korean. Documents in other languages MUST be
    accompanied by a complete English or Korean translations.

Application Fees

Application fee
Internet fee
Total fee
All fields
60,000 won
0 Won
60,000 Won
If the application fee is not paid, the applicant’s application will not be considered.

Paymaent Option

  • 계좌이체
  • 신용카드


University Information Application Information
Office of International Affairs, CNU


인터넷 원서접수 유의사항

1. 인터넷 접수는 반드시 전형료 결제가 이루어진 후에야 접수완료가 됩니다.
    The Internet application is completed after the application fee is paid.
    접수가 완료된 후 출력물을 확인해 주시기 바랍니다.
    please check out the printed materials when the acceptance is completed.
2. 인터넷으로 지원한 내용의 입력 착오, 누락의 책임은 지원자에게 있으며 대학에서는 책임을 지지 않습니다.
    Applicants are responsible for any missing or incorrect information. The University is not
    accountable for any applicants' mistakes when applying online.
3. 인터넷 접수 결제 후 수정, 취소 및 환불은 절대 불가능합니다.
    It is absolutely impossible to amend, cancel or get a refund for the payment from the
    online application when you paid it.

지원자 개인정보자료의 수집 및 이용목적

1. 수집된 개인정보자료는 입학전형 이외에 그 어떤 목적에도 절대 사용되지 않습니다.
    Personal information collected about applicants will not be used for anything except
    applying to the University.
2. 입학전형 목적으로 집적된 개인정보자료는 일정기간이 지나면 모두 삭제됩니다.
    All the personal information about applicants for the purpose of the admission will be
    deleted after a centain period of time.
3. 모집요강 및 하단의 유의사항을 확인하지 않아 발생하는 불이익은 본인의 책임입니다.
    Applicants are soley responsible for any disadvantage caused by the applicants' mistakes
    such as not checking the guideline and note of the bottom.


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